With the day-to-day consumer and business development, financial plays more important role in the society, well, bank, as the core system should also keep improving himself. With the Bank 4.0, digital banking is changing the bank business model.

Murong Banking Cloud is aim to help the banking digital transformation over all the bank industries. With its characteristics of flexible, scalability, stable, etc. Murong Banking Cloud provides the cutting-edge digital banking solutions and offers the API-driven banking services which is easy to integrate with customers in anyway, any style and any time.

Murong Banking Cloud offers the omni-channel solutions, our products across the frontend, middle service and back office, it is easy for customers to find and build their own bank with the needed components in our banking system.

Powered by all-sided and configurable characteristics, it is easy to fit bank’s business and growth, and it is easy to use, which could accelerate time to go live, significantly reduce the TTM.

Based on the scalability framework, Murong Banking Cloud keep providing the new functions which could meet the extend business, and easy to plug-in the new components.

Flexible business options on Murong Banking Cloud, supporting customer to select required functions. Meanwhile, cloud native architecture can greatly reduce the cost.