Product Introduction

MuRong's domestic card scheme platform integrates various latest financial digital technologies, follows EMVCo alliance standard protocols and related technical specifications, supports networking with major international card organizations, and can build a set of high available inter-bank card information exchange center for a country or region with a wide range of participating financial institutions, complete variety products, comprehensive business functionalities, The system can also be used to clear the funds of the participating institutions at the central bank level.

Product Value


Product capability

The domestic card scheme platform of MuRong Technology can support traditional bank cards and brand-new electronic wallets at the account level, and provide multi-currency processing capability of various local and foreign currencies. The business scope covers bank card POS receipt, ATM deposit and withdrawal, network payment, mobile payment, USSD payment and other rich bank card receipt and payment transactions, which can realize cross-bank, cross-card organization, cross-border bank card business information centralized exchange and unified settlement of funds. At the same time, the platform provides comprehensive and real-time risk management, transaction monitoring and business warning functions to ensure the safety, efficiency and stability of bank card transactions.



Product Feature