Mr. Bank is the Next Generation Core Banking System.


It Works?

Flexible layered architecture design.

Variety of product service support.

High-efficiency open integration capability.

Comprehensive channel acquisition ability.

Intelligent operation supporting system.


The new version of MuRong core banking system has upgraded from multi-channel toomni-channel with consumer-centric view, its innovation, simplicity, security and accessibilitywill fully influence customer behaviors.


Core banking covers many scenarios, not only maintaining the scenes of traditional banks, but also covering payment, shopping and other scenes, so as to help banks enhance customer stickiness.

Various Products

Core banking provides a variety of products to meet the needs of different types of customers, and enables automated management of the entire loan life cycle.


The whole life cycle of the product is automatically processed by the system, without manual intervention, and the whole process realizes electronic and intelligent operation;


Mr.Bank makes the Centralized Online Real-time Exchange come true

Improve operational efficiency;
Reduce the cost of operations;
Facilitates increased productivity and minimized errors;
Comprehensive view of customer;
Timly and accurate information for decision making; All-round & All-channel services;
Stable service system,Scalability of business development.

Better user experience, better satisfaction;
More secure, providing comprehensive risk control; Better accessibility, removed the geographical obstacles;
Online & Easy to access all banking services;
7*24 hours non-stop service.


Mu Rong Next-generation Core-banking System has built an integrated service platform of various basic services for commercial banks, and created an upstream and downstream ecosystem centered on banks, bringing good experience to customers, enterprises and banks.

Enhance Customer Safisfaction

Enhance Bank Competitiveness

Enhance System Intelligence

Improve Decision Making

Improve Customer Relationship

Improve Employee Efficiency

Reduce Maintenance Cost

Reduce ManualIntervention

Reduce Downtime