Product Introduction

Finance services is not only the transaction, but also digital journey with ultimate experience. MuRong to facilitate the advancement of science and technology industry by addressing the challenging issue of customer financing, Murong has innovated its financing products and leveraged its technical expertise and service advantages to provide effective solutions for customers' financial needs. Micro finance contain: Micro saving & Micro loan.

Product Features

Traditional Financial services

Products Centric, Standardization Service and Unsatisfied Customer Experience.

Micro Loan

Guarantee free, reduce customer pressure and a wide range of applications.

Micro Saving

Easy Setup and Accessibility, Interest flexible, and convenient and intelligent.

Product Case

Case For Micro Loan –M-shwari product

M-Shwari is a suite of banking products that are offered to M-PESA customers via their handset to enhance the M-PESA value proposition.
With M-Shwari, one has access to Deposit and Loan products that are convenient, reliable and cost-effective for making micro-savings and taking micro-loans.

Case For Micro Saving –Fuliza product

For now, Fuliza have been launched by NCBA and Safaricom.
Fuliza enables you to complete your M-PESA transactions even when you have insufficient funds in your M-PESA account. You may access these funds multiple times as long as you are within your Fuliza limit