What’s Super APP

A super-app is a versatile application that aims to establish an ecosystem encompassing user needs, supporting the provision of diverse businesses (Like the finance, catering, medical, tourism and other sectors.) , meanwhile,services while aggregating multiple mini-program within the app for seamless discovery and use by stock users.

Whether operating on an internet platform or within an app, the interactive experience remains consistent.


MuRong's Supper App combines a bunch of services and allows third-party developers to integrate mini-programs inside the main product. Supper APP case from MuRong:

Chart of APP functions below:


Chart of mini-program standing order flow:


Why Super APP

Enhanced functionality:

The integration of an APP with a mini-program can expand its capabilities, enabling it to cater to diverse user requirements.

Revised sentence:

The integration of APP and mini-program enables enterprises and developers to achieve greater flexibility in development while reducing costs.

Improved user experience:

The applet's simple trigger method allows for more convenient access, ultimately enhancing the overall user experience.

Improved product usability:

The combination of the APP and applet can enhance the user experience, thus elevating the overall usability of the product.