Solution Introdcution

MuRong provides a unified service platform solution for enterprise-level big data storage, query and analysis based on the enhanced functions of open source community software Hadoop, which helps enterprises to quickly build massive data information processing system.

█ Insights and Decisions of New Opportunities and Risks

Based on real-time and non-real-time analysis and mining of all kinds of massive data information, assisting enterprises to obtain real values from huge data information.

█ Enterprise-Level Data Service Center

MuRong provides data services in business systems, data platforms and upstream and downstream systems to form a benign closed data loop, which realize decoupling and close interaction between applications and data. Enterprise data can be circulated among various systems through centralized management to achieve the sharing and use of data in various systems, giving full play to the value of data assets, and truly realizing data as a service.

Solution Architecture


The solution is divided into 7 layers, as described below

1) Data Generation Layer

The sources of data for the big data platform, including business data generated by the enterprises’ internal systems and external data from compliance channels.

2) Data Exchange Layer

This layer is for ETL processing. Business data and external compliance data are processed and imported into the ODS layer of the big data platform.

3) Data Computing Layer

This layer is responsible for the calculation and dimension processing of various statistical indicators, including real-time data calculations (Spark), batch calculation (Hive), etc.

4) Data Application Layer

Data application processing, includes real-time data access, historical data access, etc.

5) Data Access Layer

This layer is responsible for providing data access, including the data access to IT user, business operations team and APIs to other systems.

6) Process Scheduling Layer

This layer is responsible for task scheduling, management and monitoring of the big data platform.

7) Data Management and Control Layer

This layer is responsible for the management of data quality, data standards and data elements at all layers of the big data platform.

Solution Features

Fully Optimized Big Data Platform to Achieve Rapid Processing of Massive Data

Fast processing of huge data is an important goal of big data solutions. MuRong big data solution supports batch processing, micro batch processing, real-time processing and other requirements. At the same time, the big data platform provides comprehensive optimization of data processing, business development, business migration and other aspects to facilitate the realization of the goals of rapid user business migration and rapid data processing.

Financial-level Solutions, Effectively Supporting Enterprise-level Core Business Data Processing

The safe, stable and reliable operation of the big data platform is the foundation of enterprise big data application. MuRong big data solution is designed and developed in accordance with the requirements of high reliability, high stability and high security for products in data-intensive industries such as finance, telecom operator, transportation, medical, etc., which can effectively support enterprise-level core business data processing.

Convenient Development, Quality Assurance, Improve Performance

Developers are more focused on a certain business area only. Development is faster, and maintenance is easier. The whole process is controllable.