Solution Introdcution

Tailor-made, safe and compliant enterprise cloud service platform for enterprises truly realizes the online, intelligent and intensive of enterprise cloud services, effectively improves the utilization rate of enterprise information infrastructure resources and reduce the human cost of information operation and maintenance.

Solution Architecture


1) Application host migration solution (Host Migration)

Manual migration: Create a new cloud server and redeploy the application.

Image migration: Import the application server image and deploy the cloud server using the image as a template

Synchronous migration: Create a new cloud server with the same operating system version as the current network, and use the migration tool to intelligently synchronize the configuration and application of the source server.

2) Data file migration solution (Data File)

Online migration: The online migration solution can be used to incrementally synchronize data in real time through VPN/dedicated line when the data volume is not large.

Offline migration: When the data volume is too large and the bandwidth cost and time cost of online migration are high, customer can choose to use encrypted disks to store data and migrate offline.

3) Database migration solution (DB)

Full migration: Migrate database table structure and full data

Incremental synchronization: Perform incremental data synchronization after full migration.

Data verification: Validate the data to ensure data consistency by using data verification tool.

Solution Value

Exclusive customization

Customize the business migration plan, and provide the tailor-made cloud migration plan for customers to meet requirement according to the actual situation of the customer’s business.


The professional migration service team provides end-to-end migration consulting and implementation services based on MuRong's years of experience in system operation and maintenance and cloud migration.

Automation/business smooth switching

Provide a variety of automation tools which can be used to cover all stages of cloud migration, to reduce labor costs, simplify migration work, and reduce business interruption time.


Actively adjust and optimize security protection strategies, so that security protection can continuously monitor and respond to security threats. Realize early warning of security events on the cloud, and ensure the security and integrity of the customer’s data to be migrated to the cloud.