Solution Introduction

MuRong micro-services application solution provides an open-source enhanced registration configuration center and service governance center which can be integrated with zero-code modification migration for enterprises to help them to quickly build high availability and reliable distributed micro-service application architecture.

Solution Architecture


API Gateway

Including API management, API flow restriction and downgrade, security control, multi-protocol support (HTTP, Dubbo, Eureka, etc.), routing process and other functions.

Service Governance

Supporting graceful service offline, grayscale release, full link tracking, flow restriction and downgrading, namespace, service isolation and other functions.

Management Monitoring

Supporting application monitoring, service monitoring, interface monitoring, SQL monitoring, Prometheus Interface, alarm and other functions.

Intelligent Operation and Maintenance

Supporting grayscale publishing, application rollback, single/batch release, Jenkins deployment, and log management.

Solution Features


The usage of MuRong micro-service solution is exactly the same as the open-source framework, which provides customers with a seamless migration solution with zero code modification.

Easy Operation and Maintenance

Providing powerful application-level monitoring capabilities without intrusion to existing applications. Flexible configuration of multi-index diagnostic alarms for applications.

Ease of Deployment

MuRong micro-service solution provides one-click micro-service registration and configuration center hosting capabilities without paying attention to resource deployment.

Enterprise Feature

Providing functions such as enterprise-level namespace isolation and grayscale release.