Solution Introduction

MuDB is a fully enhanced enterprise distribution based on the openGauss open source relational database. It is designed for high performance, high availability, high security, automated operation and maintenance, multi-database compatibility and other enterprise-level database requirements, to meet the needs of enterprise-level business from core transactions to complex computing. Continuelly build MuDB competitive features by incorporating enterprise-class scenario requirements.

Solution Feature

AI Capability

AI functions such as automatic adjustment of database parameters, discovery of slow SQL, recommendation of index combination scheme with maximum benefit and prediction of SQL execution time are realized by machine learning method.


All data is cached in memory to achieve lock-free concurrency for all data access, improve data processing performance, and meet stringent real-time scenarios.

Multiple Storage Engine

Unified transaction mechanism, unified log system, unified concurrency control system, Table Access Method interface, support AStore and UStore storage engine.

Fully-Encrypted Database

Builds a multi-layer database security defense system through mature technical security means, guaranteeing database security in apps.

Converged Storage Engine

Supports swappable storage engines and adds the in-place update storage engine, improving the Xlog write and standby playback efficiency.

Row & Column Storage Engine

Provides the optimal data compression ratio (column-store engine), index performance (column-store engine), and point update and query performance.

Application Scenarios

Transaction Applications

Applications need to process highly concurrent online transactions containing a large volume of data, such as e-commerce, finance, O2O, telecom customer relationship management (CRM), and billing.

IoT data

In IoT scenarios, such as industrial monitoring, remote control, smart cities, smart homes, and loV, challenges come from a large number of sensors and monitoring devices, high sampling frequency, additional storage modes, and concurrent operation and analysis.

Basic Functions

Solution Advantages and Highlights

Hands-on Experience

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